At the beginning of every year, there are Kick-off meetings to communicate annual targets, the direction of the company and other important messages. However, the key is to get people from all around the world in one place!

The task from the client

VEEAM (global leader in Cloud Data Management) had a pretty clear idea of how to do that: a spectacular plenary session with a huge cutting-edge screen, smooth break-out sessions, a festive gala dinner and an unforgettable final party with many “wow” effects.

3D Visualisation & preparation of content

 The client was not 100% sure whether the chosen setup would be the right one for the meeting room and whether they can fit everybody in comfortably. To aid their imagination and ease their concerns, we drew it for them! 

We also instructed them on how to prepare the graphics for their large and atypical screens.

Setup day

VEEAM just made sure they had booked enough time for the setup and left the rest to us!

You can see how we did it.

From dreams to reality: Let’s get the event started!



Practice makes perfect

Rehearsals an are essential part of each event, both for testing all the content and to give the speaker confidence. Our techs were the client’s guides and right hand all the time. 

Ready, tested so let's take a closer look at the whole event now.

What we can do (and even all at once!)

Plenary session

How to grab all the participants’ attention from very beginning? VEEAM presented like world speakers using large screens to capture even the attendees seated furthest away, as well as lighting that enhanced the atmosphere and let the speakers enter like movie stars. All accompanied by stunning audio. 

AV MEDIA EVENTS provided: 87m2 of LED Wall, 2 frameless projections with 20 000 ANSI projectors, cameras, 135 lights, a vibrant L’Acoustics sound system, decorated stage and complete crew 

Break-out rooms

How to get all the attendees involved? VEEAM opted for interactive sessions and to work in smaller groups. 

AV MEDIA EVENTS provided: inbuilt projection, sounding, technicians/runners for 22 break out rooms 


Do you want feel “at home”? VEEAM decided to customize the hotel in their corporate graphics. 

AV MEDIA EVENTS: painted the entire hotel green with decorations, prints and lights. 

Gala dinner

An event is not just about the conference part, there is a time to dress up as well! The client invited the participants for dinner, where they were able to brainstorm all their fruitful thoughts from past meetings and have fun together. 

AV MEDIA EVENTS supplied: 202 lights (combining ROBE moving heads and uplights with Chauvet battery lights), audio for opera, band and DJ using a L’Acoustics sound system with LA-RAK II AVB and Yamaha QL5 managing 31 mics, double projection with a decorated backdrop and stage together with complete crew

Final party

What would a conference be without a closing party? That’s what the participants were looking forward to the most. That was where the organisers had the chance to demonstrate their creativitity. 

AV MEDIA EVENTS provided (in addition to the conference set up): light design including Minuit Une laser lights and UV lights to point out UV features and the sporting theme 

Challenge for us

VEEAM’s as corporate color is green, which they wanted to use as much as possible. Our lighting guys had to face that challenge especially during the gala dinner in order to keep the meals looking tasty. 


This is the most important part in some way! Even when we were with the client on the spot during whole event, we like sitting down together and hearing client‘s feedback how it all worked. We also gave a feedback what can be improved for the next time. And finally let’s discuss how we can cooperate on other events, inside or even outside the hotel!

Feedback from the client:

Thank you once again for a great cooperation. There is a very positive feedback from our Executives on the overall event execution!

Thanks again for the meeting and for organizing everything! It was lovely to meet you and I am looking forward to future collaboration!

Do you also want to take your conference to the next level?